This old guy just showed up at a show in '99 and keeps comming back. He makes it to alot of shows for a guy who's from Kansas. Well, he says he's from Kansas but he seems to know everybody in Joliet. Takes alot of pictures and sometimes falls down. Calls himself lurker. Wonder why?
We think he's harmless.
lurker travels alot. Essential music carried religiously in the lurkermobile... The Grateful Dead, Phish, Eagles, Moe, Catfish Jenkins, Keller Williams
Big Cypress ~ 1/1/2000
"No, You don't understand, I AM the band!"

lurker does a solo act on accoustic guitar featuring a bizzare mix of songs. Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Frank Zappa, Johnny Horton, Keller Williams, etc. (etc. cannot properly be used here!) With the help of a looper, bass and percussion are added.
A student of the American Civil War lurker can be found dressed as a Confederate on the eastern battlefields.

In his own words:
"I have become interested in W.E. (Grumble) Jones and am excited about plans to portray him in Living History with the Civil War Heritage Foundation. The most important thing I've learned about the war was on a tour with Wayne Wachsmuth, 'The ground drives the battle.' - It seems obvious but comes to life when walking the field. The most important thing I've learned about history, "Remember the valiant who stepped up when called. If we don't do it, who will?"

"I'm especially appreciative of all the help I've gotten from Military History Online members, who gave me the e-ticket tour of Gettysburg for my first visit. Since that trip I also attended the MHO Frozen Muster last fall , which was a tremendous learning experience, and will be back in Gettysburg in July."

Born and raised in Chicago he currently works at Kansas State University managing hazardous materials. On retiring, Mike (his real name) hopes to relocate to Pennsylvania near his daughter and her family just east of Gettysburg. He enjoys road trips several times a year and besides the Civil War, list trains as another interest. He is looking forward to visiting Strausburg this summer with his 2 year old grandson who is a "real train nut." Mike has only been studying the Civil War for a few years so he claims to ask "my share of dumb questions."

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